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Keek’s is a bridge that connects you from where you are to your best possible life by improving your health. It is a company that focuses on the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of a person. Live healthy. Live happy

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Our Services

We are dedicated to achieving results. At the center of all we do is client satisfaction. With each of our services you can be assured that you will receive the support to enable you live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Health and Wellness Support

Enjoy our health and wellness coaching and counselling sessions to help equip you and guide you to achieve your health goals, mange diseases better, and prevent the development of diseases and complications.


We provide you with pharmaceutical care and medications. With our wellness pharmacy you are assured that your treatment will be properly monitored to ensure full recovery and no side effects.

Wellness Hub

Healthy living is beyond nutrition and exercise, being surrounded by people who support your goals is very important. Keek’s wellness hub provides you with the social support and connection you need to make healthy living a lifelong commitment.

Corporate Wellness Trainings

Having a corporate environment that is charged with positive productive energy generated from a solid corporate wellness culture is most important for growth. With our corporate health & wellness trainings, we make this possible.

Keek’s Institute is a professional development community for medical professionals. Our alumni are people who are passionate about improving the way they provide patient care and the way they practice professionally.

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Upcoming Courses

11th Feb :

Patient Counseling Course (For Pharmacists)

18th Feb:

Patient Counseling Course (For Nurses)

25th Feb:

Pharmacy Management course

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Get to know more about your healthy life living and eating


Medchat is a monthly forum for medical professionals to meet and discuss ways to move health care and business forward.

BMI Chart

BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Healthy
25.0 - 29.9 Overweight
30.0 - and Above Obese
* BMR Metabolic Rate / BMI Body Mass Index

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Happy Customers

Mr. Dafe Ochuko

I get my anti-hypertensive medications from Keek's. I enjoy the care I receive from them. They are quite attentive, they check my blood pressure for me regularly and assist me in making sure that it is fine...

Mr. Dafe Ochuko

Jessica Oghene

I was able to lose weight on my weight control program. I discovered that we have been doing weight loss backwards for a while now. Heading to the gym or following a meal plan is actually not the first step. It's more than that, and I discovered that at Keek's...

Jessica Oghene

chiama arinze

I really enjoy the support I get from Keek's. Being surrounded by people that are warm, friendly and invested in my personal health is amazing...

Chiama Arinze

Co- Founder Reimnet

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Become a better counselor. Learn how to effectively counsel patients and establish relationship with them to improve compliance and loyalty. This course was designed for medical personnel and support staff.
11th Feb, 2017