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April 2016

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Ways you can cheer yourself to succeed

You are a very important player in the story of your success. You are in fact the lead actor in this story. You cannot leave the responsibility of your health care to just your doctor, or spouse or even medication. The truth is, in the end you are the one that either suffers or enjoys the consequences of your own involvement with your health. So you need to ensure that you are completely on your side. Here are ways you can cheer yourself to succeeding at your wellness goals:

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The importance of having a corporate wellness plan for your business.

A corporate wellness culture is growing fast in the modern business climate. A lot of businesses now understand the crucial role the employees play in ensuring a continuous growth in implementing their strategy and increasing their bottom line. This is why more businesses each day adopt a corporate wellness culture to carter to the health care of its most valuable asset, it’s team. In simple terms a corporate wellness program is


Ten healthy habits that are so simple you could start them today

Won’t it be great to be the perfect healthy person? You’ll never eat anything unhealthy, you’ll exercise daily. You’ll be perfectly Zen at all time. Being healthy to me is consciously doing things that are healthy for you (Mind, body and spirit) continuously. You might not be perfect at it, you might eat a whole pizza by yourself (I know I have), but in every stage of your life, you still choose to be proactive about your health. Here are ten things I believe that you can start right away and begin to see amazing improvement in the quality of your life.


Dear pharmacist, I have been taking BP medication and my blood pressure is still high

We launched a column on our blog to address questions and issues raised by our clients that seeks medical solution in the Keek’s Pharmacy. We hope you find solution through the questions and response we provide.

Dear Pharmacist,

I have been a diagnosed hypertensive for one year now. I am on two blood pressure medications but still my blood pressure records up to 140/95 sometimes. I am confused, why is this happening?


Exercising and dieting are not the most important steps in weight loss

People keep asking me what they need to do to lose weight or live healthier. I am a wellness counsellor and advocate so the questions are not surprising, but what surprises me is that they expect me to tell them one magic thing that would change them. Don’t get me wrong, epiphany moments that change people’s lives forever exists, but when if it is not reinforced or followed up on, the moment passes and you’re left the same. This is why I get a little apprehensive with these “give me the magic to change my life moments”.


Chronic diseases; why people need to watch their life and lifestyle

Chronic diseases also referred to as Non-Communicable Diseases has been on a fast and steady rise in Nigeria as we are winning the war against the prevalence of many infectious or Communicable Diseases. Experts say NCDs are the leading causes of death worldwide.

These Chronic diseases include heart/cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, chronic kidney and respiratory diseases and are responsible for the majority of NCD-related illnesses and deaths in Nigeria.


How to handle emotionally draining people

Be honest with yourself, if you did a scan of the people around you (Friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances etc.) you’re bound to find someone that makes you feel less when you interact with them. Just the thought of them could make you uncomfortable. They drain your energy and leave you miserable sometimes.

With this description you’ll think that the best thing to do for your emotional and mental well-being is to avoid them. But what if you can’t?

Become a better counselor. Learn how to effectively counsel patients and establish relationship with them to improve compliance and loyalty. This course was designed for medical personnel and support staff.
11th Feb, 2017