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April 2016

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Dear Pharmacist, I have recurring malaria.

We launched a column on our blog to address questions and issues raised by our clients that seeks medical solution in the Keek’s Pharmacy. We hope you find solution through the questions and response we provide.

Dear Pharmacist,

I have treated malaria twice this month already, but I still feel sick. I feel feverish, my head hurts, and I feel really weak.


I take life in small doses

I have a confession to make, I easily get overwhelmed. When everything seems to be moving so fast and my table feels full, my default setting is to go into hibernation until I feel strong enough to handle things. Sometimes just the anticipation of an event can get me worked up. But I know this about myself, I don’t beat myself up about it. I just become aware of how to schedule and plan my things better, I plan things one at a time and in small doses. I cannot keep running away and hiding from life, I’ll miss out on all the fun and growth. So, I have to do more of the things I enjoy, and find enjoyment in everything I do.   Knowing...


Honestly, when was the Last Time you Ate a Vegetable?

And I don’t mean the chopped carrots and green beans in the fried rice you ate at a wedding on Saturday, or even the cooked to death vegetables in the soups you eat. I am talking about raw, fresh, uncooked vegetables. Think about it.

Vegetables are not supposed to be just garnishes to add some colour to the food were eating. They are actually food in themselves. They contain amazing phytonutrients that help protect and repair the body. Usually the colours depicted by the fruit or vegetable is an indication of the type of phytochemical it contains.

Let me summarize it for you with this table:

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Hi, Please Leave Me Alone

I tend to gravitate towards solitude. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like being lonely (of which I believe loneliness is a state of mind, you can connect with people anywhere if you choose to), but I enjoy spending time by myself, just listening to me and learning more about how I work. Some people don’t get it. My idea of fun is staying at home with a good book, and a scented candle stimulating my sense, and surrounded by fruits (just the thought of that has put a smile on my face). To simplify it, some school of thought and psychologist would tag me a introvert, but I’m not a stickler for labels, their too boxy. I have a friend that would rather be...

C631BT Woman measuring waist

I Want to Lose 20kg in 1 Month

I hear it a lot. And when I ask the person, “do you really think you can lose 20kg in one month?”, they look at me and say, “ehen, of course”. So I ask them again, “then why haven’t you don it already?”. Honestly, there is nothing wrong in reaching for the stars, it’s great and I advise that you always do. But be SMART about it. You need to figure out and plan how you are going to get to the moon. Do you need a space ship? How long would you need to build it? What materials do you need? Sorting out the details is not to discourage you, or to kill the desire, what it actually does it helps your brain figure...


The Diary of Your Beautiful Mind

I have a confession to make, I spend a lot of my time in my own head, and during counselling and coaching sessions I spend some time in my client’s heads. I can discover within minutes of interacting with my clients that they may have a lot of challenges to face in order to reach their goals. The truth is, your life is a mirror of everything that happens in your mind. Everything begins in your mind. But lots of people spend their time and their money trying to fix the effect or outcome of things instead of addressing the source. People seek diets, pills and health fads to help them, but they don’t address the structures in their minds that they have created to give...

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