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May 2016

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The secret to losing belly fat forever revealed

I am going to try to get to the point as quickly and easily as possible. Yes, you can lose that belly fat, and yes you can get rid of it forever. But what is the secret to making this happen? I am going to answer some of the questions you have about this topic, and when I am done you will have an “aha” moment when you realise how simple it really is to lose that belly fat.


Time for a little mental vacation … Session 1

I yearn to travel and just relax somewhere far away. Somewhere closer to nature where the sky is filled with bright stars that I can see. A place where the world just stops rushing through and just slows down. A place where I can feel connected to everyone and to my purpose. A place where my body can rest and heal and my mind can refresh itself. But I cannot wait for this. Life seems to keep moving, and quite fast, the load of each day feels heavier. What is a person to do? 


Dear pharmacist, do I really need supplements?

We launched a column on our blog to address questions and issues raised by our clients that seeks medical solution in the Keek’s Pharmacy. We hope you find solution through the questions and response we provide.

Dear Pharmacist,

A lot of people have been advising me to take supplements. They say that I don’t even need to be sick to take it. I just believe that I can get all the nutrients I need from food. So I want to know, do I really need supplements?

Mixed race woman on urban rooftop

Is it possible to live stress free?

There are so many misconceptions about stress. A lot of people believe that stress is something they need to get rid of. I live a very demanding life so I am subject to stressors on a daily basis. I tried to get rid of stress in my life, but I couldn’t get rid of them all. I finally realized that you cannot get rid of all stress, and honestly, you shouldn’t aim to. Here’s why, “stress isn’t necessarily bad”. It really isn’t.

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10 benefits of being happy

A lot of people have been sad and surrounded by sadness for so long that they have forgotten to be happy. In fact some people go out of their way to sabotage happiness when they find it because it feels so strange and unusually. Being surrounded by reason to be sad can overwhelm you. Maybe someone you love is sick, you’re really low on cash, your business isn’t where you want it to be, your life might not even be where you want it to be, your health might have gotten away from you, and you are surrounded by so many reasons and reminders as to why you shouldn’t be happy. But here’s the truth,


Jungo 2.0

We've got jungo fever. Join our founder Nkechi (Kiki) this Saturday at Jungo as she discusses living naturally with a panel. It's going to be fun....

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11th Feb, 2017