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Keek’s is a bridge that connects you from where you are to your best possible life by improving your health. It is a company that focuses on the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of a person. Live healthy. Live happy

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July 2016

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Is red wine really good for the heart_ @earlymays_abuja

Is drinking red wine really good for your heart?

Of course yes… and no at the same time. Red wine contains a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol. This substance is known to reduce inflammation in the blood vessels, thereby protecting the lining of the blood vessels and the heart. It also improves cellular energy production by improving mitochondrial function. It may also prevent skin cancer, and improve sensitivity to insulin. But remember

Weight Loss in one word

Weight loss in your own words

We asked people to describe weight loss in one word. Basically we thought it would be fun and enlightening to see how people view  weight loss. We really appreciated all the comments.  What do you think of the responses? [mkdf_blockquote text="What's your own view on weight loss?" title_tag="h5" width=""]...


Going back to the drawing board of your health

When was the last time you enjoyed uninterrupted good health for 6 months consistently? I’m talking about, no malaria, constant headaches, no extra weight gain, your blood pressure and blood sugar was amazing, no digestive problems, adequate management of your stress levels? For a lot of people, it’s been a while. Life moves pretty fast these days, and our health tends to suffer the most.

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11th Feb, 2017