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April 2017

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Is it possible to be destined to be fat?

There are ladies that come to me trying to lose weight. And when I ask them about the challenges they are facing in this area, they’ll mention how they have been fat all their lives and how everyone in their family is fat. Is that how it works? Are there people who are destined to be fat? Are there factors beyond our control that determines whether we would be slim or overweight?

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Why are women so obsessed about losing weight?

A study recently showed that 90% of women will try to lose weight at some point in their life. For some people they spending a lot of time daily thinking about their weight. This usually happens when they are about to eat or when they come in contact with some weight loss post, or a slim person. Let’s face it, seeing this post and reading it, will make you think about your body and your weight.

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3 Exercises for a bigger butt

You like big butts and they cannot lie. people go through extreme lengths to enlarge their butts. Some even put their lives at risk just for a bigger butt. There are countless stories of surgeries gone wrong, implants exploding etc, but despite all of these people still will do the extreme form a bigger butt. But you can actually get a bigger butt through exercises. As you work any group of muscle, the muscle fiber tears and when it heals it grows. This is how people bulk up. Doing certain exercises that target the glutes will enable the muscles tear, repair and grow, giving you a nice bigger butt. Here are three exercises to try:

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