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3 Exercises for a bigger butt

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3 Exercises for a bigger butt

You like big butts and they cannot lie. people go through extreme lengths to enlarge their butts. Some even put their lives at risk just for a bigger butt. There are countless stories of surgeries gone wrong, implants exploding etc, but despite all of these people still will do the extreme form a bigger butt. But you can actually get a bigger butt through exercises. As you work any group of muscle, the muscle fiber tears and when it heals it grows. This is how people bulk up. Doing certain exercises that target the glutes will enable the muscles tear, repair and grow, giving you a nice bigger butt. Here are three exercises to try:

DONKEY KICKS – It’s not just for donkeys.
1: Start on your knees with your palm on the ground (Table top position). Extend your leg to the ceiling, clench your butt as you do.
2: Return back to the start position.
3: Try and do 20 reps on each leg.


1: Start with a standing position. Gently move your butt down, as if you were about to sit on an imaginary chair. Ensure that your knee does not pass your toes.
2: Return to the start position.
3: For a beginner you can start with 10 reps and increase as you go along. Include weights to your squats. Try variations such as jump squats, frog squats etc.



1: Start on your back with with one feet firmly on the ground and the other leg stretched out or lifted towards the ceiling. gently lift your body with shoulder still on the ground. Clench your butt as you do so.
2: return to the start position
3: Do 20 reps on each leg. You can try this with both feet on the ground.


Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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