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5 Questions about your health that you need to answer

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5 Questions about your health that you need to answer

Self-reflection is important medicine for the soul. Being able to spend time getting to know yourself will help you become better. So many people live on autopilot, they feel overwhelmed weighed down and imprisoned in their own lives. I know what that feels like, I also know that thatโ€™s a horrible way to live. Every area of our lives need reflection, our relationships, work, spirituality and our health. If you’ve never spent some time reflecting inwardly about your health, these questions would help get you off in the right path. Be very honest with yourself, there are no right or wrong answers, just truth that you can use to make your health better.

  1. Are you happy with where your health is? Do you like the state of your health? Are you happy with your body and how it works?
  2. Do you feel in control of your health? Do you feel like you are in a position to make the change that you need to feel healthy?
  3. Are you kind towards yourself? Are you kind to your body? Do you treat yourself as a close and wonderful friend?
  4. Are you constantly making choices that benefits your health and body?
  5. Do you listen to your body? Do you ignore when it tells you that it needs rest or care? Do you put off the signs and warnings your body gives you when it is in distress, or do you attend to it immediately?
Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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