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9 wellness trends that’ll keep growing

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9 wellness trends that’ll keep growing

Living healthy is becoming more hip and cool. Celebrities are talking about it, people are trying to get on board. For me this is all good, anything that makes us want to live healthier is a good thing. But right now there are so many wellness trends, you’ve probably noticed and even been a part of some of them. Let’s examine them.

1: Detoxing: I have lost count of the number of times people ask me to help them with a detox plan. When you have a headache or a break out or your hair is falling out, people would encourage you to do a cleanse and detox. Researchers have argued on the benefits of detox diets. However, this trend is bound to keep growing, more people would try at least one detox plan this year. Which have you tried before?

2: Healthy food restaurants: More healthy food places are popping up. Salad bars, juice bars, smoothie places. It’s almost difficult to imagine life without them. Even regular restaurants will add healthy options to their menu. This is great for dinning out.

3: Fitfam groups/communities: You’re probably already in a group yourself. These groups organise activities and events for their members. They’ll have chat groups so you guys can talk and share your progress. It’s fun being a part of these communities.

4: More exercise varieties: You’ve heard of HIIT, Circuit training, Zumba, Acro yoga, aqua yoga, spinning etc. More variety of workouts that would be lauded as the next big thing would keep springing up. I am a fan of variety, so this is good news. I should probably start and “Cumba” (cultural dance Zumba, I’ll get Jenifer Aniston to do the atilogu)

5: Sexy display: I wouldn’t really call this a “wellness” trend. But a lot of people online fancy themselves fitness advocates. They’ll take semi-nude pictures with the hopes of encouraging people to live healthier. I am a huge fan of the beauty of a healthy human body, but some of these people didn’t even get their bodies by working out or living healthy. Regardless, I think we’re going to have more of these displays coming up.

6: Workplace wellness: This is growing slowly in Nigeria, but I believe it would pick up speed. More entrepreneurs are determined to attract and retain good talent, so incorporating workplace wellness programs could help them improve the health and wellbeing of their team.

7: Use local: The emphasis on eating and using our locally grown produce would increase. This will also be in a bid to reduce consumption of highly processed foods. We’ll begin to embrace our local produce more. More local manufacturers would spring up, hopefully. My hope is, with time we’ll do more research to ascertain the numerous health benefits of what we have here and share it with the world.

8: Return to natural: Lots of people are moving from processed to natural now. Just take a look at the natural hair movement that has caught fire. People are awakening to embracing their roots and all that it means to be African. As loud as the movement is, it’s still just a small percentage of people that are on board it. I believe the trend will continue to grow and we’ll have more people embracing living more natural and not just in the aspect of natural hair, but natural living.

9: Minimalist living: People are scaling back on how they accumulate things. Simplistic living is becoming trendy. Offices are getting smaller and with less clutter. Homes are becoming simpler. This trend is not very obvious yet, but it is growing. More people wish to adopt a minimalist approach to living. I believe this is due to an increase in technology. We don’t need much to do a lot anymore.

Those are the top eight trends that I’ll continue to keep my eye on. Which ones have you tried out? And which will you become a part of?

Photo Credit: Nicole Chaplin interview

Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's


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