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Keek’s is a bridge that connects you from where you are to your best possible life by improving your health. It is a company that focuses on the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of a person. Live healthy. Live happy

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Do you want our healthcare system to change?

We dream of a world where we have a community of medical personnel (Pharmacists, doctors, Nurses support staff etc.) who are changing the way health care is delivered by rendering quality and effective patient care. We want medical professionals to hold themselves to a higher standard and we want to equip them with the tools necessary to make this happen.


5 Reasons why you need to keep learning

Remember when you were in school and you HAD TO study. You just had to, because you knew there was an exam at the end of the semester and you did not want to fail. So you studied, you joined study group, you bought text books, you stayed up all night. At a point the reason for your studying was not to learn but just to pass the exams. This is why a lot of people abandon knowledge as soon and they are done with exams. Some adults have developed such terrible relationship with learning that they avoid it. You’ll find people who are professionals who have not updated their knowledge, some of them have not improved themselves by learning.


What do you like most about a New Year?

Every 1st of January a new year begins, whether you are ready or not, it will come. It’s funny that an event that gives us 365 days to prepare for it still meets some of us unprepared. Maybe after a while of celebrating so many new years, it’s novelty wears off and it becomes just another day. But is it “just another day?” I think not…


Another patient just died, but who’s responsible?

When I was doing my internship at a hospital (I don’t want to name it), we used to go on ward rounds. We’ll walk observingly at the back while the doctors were in the front, we were only asked questions for educational reasons, besides that we were just like shadows. We had a patient, let’s call her Helen. Helen was a mother with three kids under 12years. She had been admitted because she had a stroke.

Become a better counselor. Learn how to effectively counsel patients and establish relationship with them to improve compliance and loyalty. This course was designed for medical personnel and support staff.
11th Feb, 2017