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Exercising and dieting are not the most important steps in weight loss

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Exercising and dieting are not the most important steps in weight loss

People keep asking me what they need to do to lose weight or live healthier. I am a wellness counsellor and advocate so the questions are not surprising, but what surprises me is that they expect me to tell them one magic thing that would change them. Don’t get me wrong, epiphany moments that change people’s lives forever exists, but when if it is not reinforced or followed up on, the moment passes and you’re left the same. This is why I get a little apprehensive with these “give me the magic to change my life moments”.

Anyways, so, people ask me this question, but here’s something I know and I have seen to be true. Exercising and dieting are not the most important steps to changing your weight or changing your life. To make any permanent change you, yourself need to change, not just your activity. Changing an activity without first changing the system or the structures you’ve created in you to give you that activity will not give you permanent results. You may see some initial result, but sustenance is usually a struggle.

This reminds me of a story I read in Anthony Robbins book, Awaken the giant within. He told a story of a man that was walking past a river, then he heard someone screaming for help, when he looked he saw a man drowning. Immediately he jumped in to rescue the man. He brought him up to land and resuscitated him. Moments later he heard another person screaming, it was another drowning man. He jumped in the river again. Moments after rescuing that person, another person again was screaming, so in he jumped again. If only the man had move up stream he would have seen the person throwing all the people in, stopped him and saved himself the stress. What this means is,“stop trying to fix the outcome, fix the cause”.  

Stop trying to fix the outcome, fix the cause
Jumping first into activities to modify an outcome isn’t going to give you lasting change. Investing in working on the systems, habits, beliefs, and values that have created what you are experiencing in your health, weight and in your life is the only way to get lasting results. Plus with this, you’ll find yourself working with less resistance towards the outcome you want.

This is why I always take my time to coach my clients through discovering the systems they’ve created that isn’t giving them the results they want, and then creating better systems. With this, they see lasting results. And remember to always take 100% responsibility for your life.

Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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