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Going back to the drawing board of your health

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Going back to the drawing board of your health

When was the last time you enjoyed uninterrupted good health for 6 months consistently? I’m talking about, no malaria, constant headaches, no extra weight gain, your blood pressure and blood sugar was amazing, no digestive problems, adequate management of your stress levels? For a lot of people, it’s been a while. Life moves pretty fast these days, and our health tends to suffer the most. We add on more stress and responsibilities, trying to meet deadlines, that even when our bodies begin to give us signals for a break or a check up, we don’t listen, we don’t have the time or energy to stop and take care of ourselves. Think of your car for a minute, you need to fuel it with the right stuff, clean it regularly, service it regularly too, and if it begins to act funny or make a weird noise you take it to the mechanic to have it sorted out, you do all this so that the car would perform smoothly and not breakdown in the middle of the road, basically you want to get your money’s worth out of the car. And what happens when your car has not been in use for months? It still deteriorates, the battery may die etc. But we don’t treat our bodies even half as good as we treat our cars. But guess what, your body needs the right fuel/food, it needs to be cleaned, it needs to be warmed up regularly and not left underused for months, it needs regular servicing too.

Now we live in a time were health concerns keep rising despite all our advancement in medical technology. And this is because, no matter how much tech and expertise we develop to help with health, it cannot do the work of YOU actually taking time to care and invest in your health. This is why I say we need to go back to the drawing board and get down to the fundamentals of what should be the building block of your health and wellness.

This is not about dieting or even exercising, it’s about becoming deliberate with your health choices and with the lifestyle you adopt. You cannot be reckless with any of the pillars of your health.

And be honest with yourself, if your health is destroyed, you are the primary person that would suffer it. It’s ironic, because you are the main person that can fix it. Don’t wait until your hospitalised and the doctors say, “sorry there’s nothing we can do to help you”. Start now and take charge of your health.

Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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