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Hey Keek’s, what about people that want to add weight?

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Hey Keek’s, what about people that want to add weight?

We’ve been getting this question for a while now. We know that for some people it’s a struggle to put on some weight. As surprised as you may be, it’s true, in fact some of our clients here at Keek’s are on a “weight gain” plan. I know what some of you are thinking, “Why don’t they just eat more”, well it’s not that simple. We call these people hardgainers. And for them their slim or skinny frame is a huge source of discomfort and embarrassment. Why do you think some people have a hard time gaining weight? You’re probably guessing that “they have a fast metabolism”, “they are not eating enough”, “they are genetically designed to be slim”, well some of these may be a factor, but the real reasons people fail to add weight are:

1: They are not eating enough: When we track and assess people’s diets, we discover that a lot of them are in fact not eating enough. You’ll find that some of them are only consuming as little as 1000 calories a day. To gain weight you actually have to eat between 3,500 and 4,000 calories a day. I know, it’s insane.

2: You’re not eating the right type of foods: Eating ice cream and pizza is not the way to add weight. Don’t destroy your health in the process of trying to add weight. It’s easy to load on 4,000 calories a day eating these, but in the end your body would hate you for it. You want to eat healthy carbohydrates and fats.

If you’re a guy who’s trying to bulk up, protein is your friend. You need to increase your protein intake whilst challenging your muscles with your resistance training.

3: You’re being too physically active: Maybe you keep buzzing on your feet all day, but your activity levels are so high that you’re burning all that you eat.

4: You’re doing too much cardio: Everyone should be exercising. So, if you are exercising you’re probably doing too much cardio and not enough resistance training to help you build muscle. Besides you need to be exercising so that you’re not just getting fat, but you’re getting fit.

5: You’re not consistent: You cannot give up half way, you have to continue with the process.

If you’ve been trying to put on some weight, please share your experience with us and leave a comment.


Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's


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