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I stopped exercising and I lost weight

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I stopped exercising and I lost weight

I know it sounds ridiculous, like I have said some forbidden words. But here’s what happened, I usually join fitcity in Abuja for their weekend jogs and brisk walks. I prefer the 10km ones.

So during the week I’ll do my regular circuit training and on Saturdays I’ll spice it up with a 10km or 5km. On one particular Saturday I completed the 10k and I really stretched myself, running is not my thing at all, but I do it to challenge myself and build endurance. After the 10k, I proceeded into a very hectic Saturday where I was carrying a lot of heavy boxes for an event. At the end of the day my knee was hurting so bad. I figured it’s nothing that a day of rest cannot fix. But I didn’t really get to rest, because the following week I was in Lagos for a program. With each day, my knee hurt a little bit more. When I got back I decided to take a week off from exercising, I didn’t want to damage the knee to the point that I may need something drastic like surgery to fix it. So I did not exercise for two weeks. My knee started feeling better. I gradually started working out again with little to no pain. On one beautiful Saturday I decided to join my lovely group for a 5.5km. This should be easy peasy for me. By the time I got to the 3km point, I could barely move, I was in so much pain, I had to hitch a ride to the finish point. I blame myself for that one. So, I took a break from exercising again.

The reason I work out and eat healthy is to stay healthy, I wasn’t going to compromise on my health in the process. So, I didn’t work out for a month. I felt sad about it, I feared that my knee may always hurt and that would limit how much I can push myself. If you can exercise you have a gift, some people don’t even have limbs to do what you can, some people are bed ridden and can’t attempt half of what you do, so being able to exercise is a privilege that you should cherish and take advantage of. Because when that privilege was taken from me even momentarily I was sad.

Now, after my one month break, I noticed I had lost 2kg, people even commented on it. How could that be? I was burning less calories. This is what I believed happened

1: I became more conscious about what I was eating. I felt like I did not have the luxury of taking an extra slice of yam or two more potato slices. I controlled my consumption. And for a lot of people who start working out they do the opposite, they start eating more because they feel like they are burning more, and they end up eating more than what they burn. This is one of the major reasons people add weight when they start exercising, they get carless with what they eat.

2: Most of my exercises have been focused on building muscle and having more definition. Muscle weighs more than fat. Maybe some of my muscles were lost during my period of inactivity, so I weighed less.

Exercising is important, but what you do and how you choose to live your life is even more important to help you see the results you want. Make taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally a priority

Live healthy. Live happy

Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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