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Is it possible to live stress free?

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Is it possible to live stress free?

There are so many misconceptions about stress. A lot of people believe that stress is something they need to get rid of. I live a very demanding life so I am subject to stressors on a daily basis. I tried to get rid of stress in my life, but I couldn’t get rid of them all. I finally realized that you cannot get rid of all stress, and honestly, you shouldn’t aim to. Here’s why, “stress isn’t necessarily bad”. It really isn’t. It was designed to help us respond to critical situations. It prepares us to survive and thrive in demanding situations. When you feel agitated about a public speaking event, it’s your body trying to get you ready for it in its own way. But the problem is when we get stress overload. We are subject to constant stress triggers that we struggle with chronic stress. We begin to experience a range of its symptoms such as irritation, poor concentration, poor memory, decreased immune response, increased blood pressure, weight gain or weight loss, ulcer, early death etc. Basically our bodies begin to cry out.

But I just said that stress isn’t necessarily bad, and that’s true. However it is our response to stress that kills us. And the more we respond poorly to stress the more our stress threshold reduces, soon we find ourselves stressing over things that we could have overlooked.

So is it possible to live stress free? If your definition of stress free is being able to remove all stressors, then No. But if by stress free you mean, being able to respond in an empowering and positive way to stress if and when it comes, then absolutely.

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Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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