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Is sex a good enough exercise to help me lose weight?

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Is sex a good enough exercise to help me lose weight?

I know a good number of people that do not exercise because they just don’t like exercising. But I know that if a person modifies their beliefs about exercising and discovers an exercises routine that they enjoy, they will become exercise bunnies. Now, let’s talk about sexercise baby.

Is sex a good enough exercise to help you lose weight and improve your health? Actually, if you’re doing it right, it is. I emphasise doing it right. You can burn up to 207 calories during a 30mins sex rump, and women who orgasm burn more than those who don’t. If you just lay there like a starfish and do nothing, you’re not going to enjoy the benefits of this amazing physical activity. It is the only exercise that leaves you with a very happy ending. Sex is a great cardiovascular activity, this is why we tell people with heart problems to go easy with sex. Now you know that sex can become a part of your exercise routine, you can fit it in for at least three times a week. Here’s how sex helps you lose weight.

  1. Sex burns calories.
  2. Sex helps relieve stress.
  3. Sex helps you sleep better
  4. Sex releases endorphins into you system which makes you feel euphoric.

So, sex is a great workout. I’m not saying it should be your only exercise plan, but it’ll be great if you did include it.


Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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