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Keek’s is a bridge that connects you from where you are to your best possible life by improving your health. It is a company that focuses on the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of a person. Live healthy. Live happy

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The double split package

The double split package: Created with you in mind

Now you and your friends can stay fit together and slay together. A lot of our clients have been requesting to have their friends join them on their journey. This is healthy and good, we encourage you to have someone join you are you get coached to revamp your health and lose some weight. So, we created a package to accommodate this request. Ask for the double split package. Here's what you get: - Both of you save 50% on your registration fee. - You get to share your counselling sessions with you with someone you trust that can also motivate you along the way - An instant workout buddy. - To share your health challenges with someone that can push you to achieve more. Sign up today, call 07064451282 ...

C631BT Woman measuring waist

I Want to Lose 20kg in 1 Month

I hear it a lot. And when I ask the person, “do you really think you can lose 20kg in one month?”, they look at me and say, “ehen, of course”. So I ask them again, “then why haven’t you don it already?”. Honestly, there is nothing wrong in reaching for the stars, it’s great and I advise that you always do. But be SMART about it. You need to figure out and plan how you are going to get to the moon. Do you need a space ship? How long would you need to build it? What materials do you need? Sorting out the details is not to discourage you, or to kill the desire, what it actually does it helps your brain figure...

Become a better counselor. Learn how to effectively counsel patients and establish relationship with them to improve compliance and loyalty. This course was designed for medical personnel and support staff.
11th Feb, 2017