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What do you like most about a New Year?

Every 1st of January a new year begins, whether you are ready or not, it will come. It’s funny that an event that gives us 365 days to prepare for it still meets some of us unprepared. Maybe after a while of celebrating so many new years, it’s novelty wears off and it becomes just another day. But is it “just another day?” I think not…


Going back to the drawing board of your health

When was the last time you enjoyed uninterrupted good health for 6 months consistently? I’m talking about, no malaria, constant headaches, no extra weight gain, your blood pressure and blood sugar was amazing, no digestive problems, adequate management of your stress levels? For a lot of people, it’s been a while. Life moves pretty fast these days, and our health tends to suffer the most.


Ways you can cheer yourself to succeed

You are a very important player in the story of your success. You are in fact the lead actor in this story. You cannot leave the responsibility of your health care to just your doctor, or spouse or even medication. The truth is, in the end you are the one that either suffers or enjoys the consequences of your own involvement with your health. So you need to ensure that you are completely on your side. Here are ways you can cheer yourself to succeeding at your wellness goals:


Ten healthy habits that are so simple you could start them today

Won’t it be great to be the perfect healthy person? You’ll never eat anything unhealthy, you’ll exercise daily. You’ll be perfectly Zen at all time. Being healthy to me is consciously doing things that are healthy for you (Mind, body and spirit) continuously. You might not be perfect at it, you might eat a whole pizza by yourself (I know I have), but in every stage of your life, you still choose to be proactive about your health. Here are ten things I believe that you can start right away and begin to see amazing improvement in the quality of your life.

Become a better counselor. Learn how to effectively counsel patients and establish relationship with them to improve compliance and loyalty. This course was designed for medical personnel and support staff.
11th Feb, 2017