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The importance of having a corporate wellness plan for your business.

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The importance of having a corporate wellness plan for your business.

A corporate wellness culture is growing fast in the modern business climate. A lot of businesses now understand the crucial role the employees play in ensuring a continuous growth in implementing their strategy and increasing their bottom line. This is why more businesses each day adopt a corporate wellness culture to carter to the health care of its most valuable asset, it’s team. In simple terms a corporate wellness program is

A program intended to improve and promote health and fitness that’s usually offered through the work place.

As defined by

So, generally speaking, wellness programs are organized by an employer and offer employees benefits for living a healthy lifestyle, and doing their part to prevent future health issues.

Employees are the most valuable assets to any company and that is why corporate wellness programs should matter to every employer. The bottom line of such programs is this:

healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive employees.


These programs range from simply offering information to workers, to subsidized healthy lunches, fitness education, and a company gym.

The benefits for employers are obvious:

  1. They provide the company with strategic advantages by investing money in a program that will hopefully bring them lowered expenses in return, often in the form of better performing workers, and lower absenteeism and health care costs.
  1. Employees are the most valuable assets to any company like I said earlier. By providing workers with these services, companies are improving wellbeing and job satisfaction, as well as raising retention rates.
  1. The welfare of employees has a direct impact on the success of the company, Showing employees that you care about their wellness boosts employee morale and
  1. Employees are more attracted to and value a business that appreciates them. In fact, companies with an employee wellness program have lower turnover.
  1. A study by the Principal Financial Group found that 45 percent of workers stay at their jobs because of wellness programs offered by their employers and 26 percent of workers miss fewer days of
  1. Research has shown that workers are more likely to come to work and perform well when they are in optimal physical and psychological health. Implementing well- ness programs help employees strive to achieve optimal health. Less employee illness means businesses can reduce health care use, which reduces health care costs and consequently increases


However, for wellness initiatives to succeed, they must be an intrinsic part of company culture. This requires persistent and engaged leadership to encourage an integrated plan of action that cultivates on-site resources to generate a healthier workforce.

According to World Economic Forum (WEF) statistics, companies that have implemented proactive wellness programs have averaged 700 dollars in savings per year per employee. These companies have also seen a return on investment of up to 755 percent in reduced health care costs and higher productivity levels. Offering employee wellness programs enhances company productivity by:

>   Attracting better staff.

>   Lowering the rate of absenteeism and lost time.

>   Improving on-the-job utilization.

>   Improving employee morale and lowering turnover.

Furthermore, wellness programs help to combat presenteeism, which is the act of working while sick.  employees come to work ill unable to operate at their usual level of productivity. In addition to lost time utilization, employees who come to work sick expose their coworkers to illness, consequently spreading illness leading to more  presenteeism and absenteeism.

Presenteeism can cost your company more than absenteeism


If your company chooses to implement an employee wellness program, you need to decide what kind of program you want to offer. Companies can focus on single areas of wellness such as Stress management, weight loss, combating chronic illness or exercise programs. This may mean you offer several programs so that each employee will find a benefit from your wellness initiatives. Regardless of what program your company chooses, it needs to be accessible to all employees. The goal is to keep employees healthy while increasing productivity.


So why should you, as an employee, take advantage of a workplace wellness program?

Every person has some sort of health risk to varying degrees, whether it’s unhealthy eating, lack of exercise or sleep, drinking, smoking, or even something genetic. Using a program can make positive change happen. Not only will you be able to complete your job responsibilities, but you will have more energy and vigor to give to your family and friends when you get home.

Workplace wellness programs can help you get healthier, even if that simply means learning how to reduce stress and muscle strain when you are on the job. Depending on what your company offers, it might also help to lose weight, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, sleep better, and save money on prescriptions. Sometimes, all you need is a little motivation to get the ball rolling and a workplace wellness plan might be it.

Another great benefit of wellness programs is a built sense of friendship with your co-workers. You’ll have a chance to experience activities with them that aren’t related to work, whether in a walking club or sports team, by having lunch together, or by going to the gym. Social support is a very important part of weight loss and getting fit. By interacting with co-workers, you’ll have others to give you encouragement when you need it, as well as to hold you accountable to your goals. Plus, you’ll be motivated by seeing other’s positive results. By using a wellness program, you’ll be an important part of the team.

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Author: Kelvin Ozorah

Kelvin Ozorah

Health and medical researcher for Keek's

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