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The important food group you might be missing out on

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The important food group you might be missing out on

Do you have any idea what it might be? When people come to me to help them change their lifestyle, live healthier or even lose weight, the first thing I do is to assess them. I want to know what they’ve been doing. I want to investigate to understand them better, so that my solution and my plan suits them.

In assessing hundreds of people I have discovered that a lot of people usually eliminate an entire food group from their meals. And for the people who remember this food group, they take insufficient amounts, or poor quality of it. I am talking about vegetables. When was the last time you ate a vegetable? And No, the vegetables in your soups don’t count in this context. If you had to cook it for more than thirty seconds, I won’t count it. But a lot of us over estimate how much vegetables we eat. But if I were to assess you I’ll probably discover that you are not eating enough.

But what is enough? And how should you eat your vegetables. Well

1: Try and include raw uncooked vegetables in your diet, daily. You need to do it daily because your body needs it daily.

2: Eat a variety of vegetables. Most people resort to carrots for their veggie supply. Carrots would only give you a particular selection of phytochemicals, you need to eat a variety. Eat some greens, some reds, some purple, some white. Eat your rainbow. The more variety and colours you have with your choices, the more range of nutrients that you’ll give your body.

3: If you are to cook your vegetables, do not overcook, and always do it on low heat. Lots of vegetables and their nutrients are thermoliable, this means they break down when heated, so don’t overcook.

4: Wash your veggies properly. For some farmers, certain chemicals go into their growing process. Those chemicals end up on the skin and some even penetrate into the vegetables. So you need to wash properly. For the ones that have skins that you can peel, peel them, it’ll help remove some of the chemicals.

I hope you’ll get more conscious about how you eat your vegetables and include more of them in your meals.

Live Healthy. Live happy

Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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