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Thinking yourself into better health

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Thinking yourself into better health

What is the most important thing you can do for your health? Eat more vegetables, exercise more frequently? Go for more routine check-ups? Get a trainer? These are all amazing, but I have discovered that they all take a back seat to the most important thing you can do for your health, which is …

…Think better, healthier and more positive thoughts about yourself. Your mind directs the affairs of your body. In medicine, we sometimes use placebos on patients. We can do this when we are testing the effect of a certain drug. I have seen placebos do wonders for people. When a patient believes that a drug would work for them, they begin to see the expected results. It’s like they tell their brain that this would work, and their brain tells the rest of their bodies, and just like that they begin to recover. The power of the mind has been demonstrated in many experiments. The mind can also be destructive. There are people who hold certain beliefs and thought so personally that despite the fact that it has been proven to not be true they still experience the effect of this beliefs. It’s like the story of some people who went for a fair, and they were later told that the ice cream from a particular machine was poisonous, all the people who had that ice cream and even some who didn’t all began to exhibit the symptoms that we described of the poison, some even died. It was later discovered that the ice cream from that machine was not poisoned at all. But it was remarkable what their minds did to them when it believed that they had been poisoned.

Now when it comes to living healthy and losing weight. You can do the most intense workouts, and be on a strict diet, but until you have re-programmed your mind to accept that your body will and can change, you will always end up back where you’ve started. Some of you already experiencing this. If in your mind you’re a hypertensive person who weighs 109kg and you are obese, until you change the thoughts you have about your health and your body, your mind would tell your body to return back to this point. Just believing and accepting that you are healthier would direct the decisions you make about your health. People who see themselves as healthier, eat healthier and behave differently from those who don’t. “As a man thinks, so is he”.

I am constantly intrigued by how the human mind works. When I speak with my clients I try to ascertain the predominate state of their mind. I’ll have to help them change the way their mind works if they want to see permanent results.

If after reading this you are able to assess the thoughts and beliefs you have about your health and your body then you have taken a critical step to making changes.

Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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