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Top five secret reasons you’re not lose weight

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Top five secret reasons you’re not lose weight

Have you been struggling with your weight? Maybe sometimes you manage to lose some pounds and then they find their way back to you, and some extra. What’s your reason for not being able to shed those extra pounds? Here are the top five reasons people are unable to lose weight, and I am not going to sugar coat it for you.

1: They don’t want it badly enough: you heard it. Yes, some people complain and even cry about their weight, but they don’t want to lose weight badly enough. They manage to find reasons and excuses that keep them from achieving this, because to them, it really isn’t that important. So they say things like, they don’t have the time, they are too busy, they live far from a gym, it’s too expensive. But this is what they are really saying. “I don’t have the time for something as unimportant as this” in other words (ain’t nobody gat time for that), “This weight loss goal is too far reach for me”, “Being overweight is cheaper for me”. With excuses like that, you can see that they don’t want it badly enough.

2: They are waiting for someone to save them: Maybe a doctor, a spouse, a lover, a friend, a priest, a coach, the avengers. But they are waiting for that messiah to show up and fix them. But guess what, no one is coming to save you, you need to put on the damn tights and cape and be your own hero. Stop placing the responsibility of your health on someone else, because guess what? Everyone has their hands full with stuff.

3: They don’t want to change permanently: Some people do not like to change anything, not even the habits and lifestyle choices that are harming them. They could try new things for a little bit, but they do not want to change. Here’s the truth, all you have been doing so far has given you the results you are currently experiencing, and that’s the weight you have. You cannot use that same habit to give you new results, something has to change, and change permanently.

4: You’re lying to yourself: And that’s a terrible kind of lie. There are so many lies that people tell themselves that keep them from losing weight. Lies like, “I can’t lose this weight”, “even if I lose the weight, it’ll come back” (you must be a damn good prophet), “I am too tired to exercise” (you really aren’t) , “I worked out hard at the gym today, I deserve that cupcake” (honey, please),  and the lies go on and on. You’ve lied to yourself so much that you now live the lie. Step into the truth and live honestly.

5: You really really aren’t putting in the work: You’re not eating healthy, you’re not exercising right. You’re secretly sabotaging yourself by not putting in the work. You may look like you are putting in the work, going to the gym, joining fitness groups, getting a coach, being super picking when you shop for food. But you’re not putting in the kind of work that matches the result you want. You may not be doing the right exercises at the right intensity, for the right duration and frequency (You can go back and read that statement again), or you may not be eating the right type of food for you.

Now the secret is out. Which one of these lies are holding you back?

Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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