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Ways you can cheer yourself to succeed

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Ways you can cheer yourself to succeed

You are a very important player in the story of your success. You are in fact the lead actor in this story. You cannot leave the responsibility of your health care to just your doctor, or spouse or even medication. The truth is, in the end you are the one that either suffers or enjoys the consequences of your own involvement with your health. So you need to ensure that you are completely on your side. Here are ways you can cheer yourself to succeeding at your wellness goals:

  1. Ensure that you do not design goals that are so unrealistic that they intimidate you. Saying you want to lose 20kg in a month might discourage you, even if you discover that you have only lost 5kg after the month. It’s okay to start with goals that are within close reach and then reach for more are you go along. A good goal should be SMART (i.e. S: Specific, M: Measurable A: Achievable R: Realistic T: Timed)
  1. Create an environment that supports you on your journey. If you are trying to eat healthier, and you live with a pastry chef, it might be a tad difficult for you to achieve. I’m not saying it would be impossible for you to eat healthier in such circumstances, but you need to overcome a greater resistance to do so. Always try to make it easier for yourself to achieve your goals.
  1. Give yourself room to fall. It will happen at some point. But if you choose to feel guilty and sorrowful it may take you longer to recover. So if you miss a day of exercise, you can always make it up tomorrow. Just get up and move on.
  1. Create a reward system for yourself. You can treat yourself periodically with something you enjoy when you see that you are making progress. Savour those moments of victory. You could decide to go and see a movie, or buy yourself a really nice dress. Your reward does not have to be food, it can be anything you really enjoy.
  1. Surround yourself with cheerleaders. Ensure that your friends and family that are closest to you are with you on your journey to wellness. They should be able to provide you with encouragement and even accountability to help you achieve your goal.
Whether you believe you can achieve your goals or you can't, you're right. And your actions will show what you believe.
  1. Actively seek out motivation. Honestly, a lot of people with good intentions for themselves who start out very well on their health journey, sometimes lose motivation. They begin to skip workouts, eat unhealthy things, and then give up entirely. The reason is that they did not re-motivate themselves. You need to keep the fire of passion for your goals burning and you need to be active and conscious about this. The truth is somethings will discourage you along the way. You may notice you have not improved as much as you wanted, or you may have even exceeded your goals so much that you spend five years celebrating and you fall back into old habits. It’s important that you search out motivation, it could be pages you follow online, friends, a wellness coach, or even health programs you attend. But keep the passion burning.
  1. Choose activities and foods you enjoy. If you try something out and discover that you did not like it, you can try it again to be sure, if you still don’t like it, maybe you can try it differently to be sure. But if you decide that you really do not like it, whether it is eating spinach, or running, then don’t do it. The whole point of wellness is to be able to create and maintain happiness and growth in your life, so there is no point in filling your days with things you don’t like. You could challenge yourself with these things once in a while, but you don’t have to make it a regular in your life. Seek out and choose activities you enjoy, it could be swimming, eating carrots, lifting weights, doing yoga discover what is your own fitness tune, and follow it.
  1. Ensure you read out your goals daily. It was discovered that people that read their goals often even to the point of committing it to memory where more likely to follow through on them. So read out your goals daily. You can stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eyes and read out your goals. Your words mixed with faith and action are very powerful.
  1. Visualise yourself already in a state where you have achieved your goals. What does it look like to you? Where are you in this visualisation, what are you wearing, who are you with? What sounds do you hear? What are you saying? How did you get there? Make it so real that you feel like you are living it. Do this as often as you can.
  1. Find someone who is a couple of steps behind you in their progress and help them out. This could be as easy as referring a wellness coach to them, or sharing motivation with them, or exercising with them. But be sure to help someone make progress and move forward.

If you need us to cheer you on your journey to health and wellness, give us a call on 07064451282 and we’ll be happy to help.

Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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