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Why are Nigerians getting fatter?

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Why are Nigerians getting fatter?

Honestly, if you have not noticed then you need to wake up and look around. Your boss is getting fatter. Maybe even you have packed on a couple more pounds. The truth is Nigerians are getting fatter ….

Let me lay down some statistics for you…A research done by Innocent Ijezie Chukwuonye and his team concluded that “the prevalence of overweight and obese individuals in Nigeria is of epidemic proportions. There is a need to pay closer attention to combating these health disorders”. The overall prevalence of obesity and overweight individuals in Nigeria is 64%.

But that’s not the alarming part, the alarming part is the projection that it would get worse.

I am not going to spend time telling you all the risks that come with being overweight, firstly as an individual then as a community, because you already know this. But here is my question, “why are Nigerians getting fatter? ”

It makes no sense right. There are more advocacy for eating healthy, even unhealthy brands have incorporated some healthy meals into their menu. There are fitness and weight loss people springing up all over the place. There are groups that exercise weekly. So what is happening? Here’s are my theories…

  1. We have adapted to being fat. We have learned how to be fat, it is so ingrained into us and our society that we fall back to this way of living. It’s like our default setting is on “be fat”
  2. Big butt is in style. Some people want to maintain their big butts, so they don’t even try to lose weight, even when the big butt comes with a big tummy, big arms, big neck and a growing size of heart. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I see it all the time.
  3. We believe we are not that big. We don’t have our personal stats, our BMI, body composition etc. to let us know where we stand. So we assumed that we are not doing so badly. Besides when we compare ourselves to certain people, we may not look so bad.

Those are my theories, I am not saying they are scientific, but it’s come from observation. What’s your theory, why are Nigerians getting fatter?

Kiki Oti

Wellness advocate and health counsellor for Keek's

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