About us

About Keek's

Our founder Nkechi Oti who is a Pharmacist and wellness advocate discovered a gap in the health delivery system. Lots of people don’t quite know what to do to help themselves live healthy lives, and for those that do know what to do, there is no system in place to support them to implement what they know. Hence, the increase in chronic illnesses (Hypertension, diabetes, cancer, arthritis etc), as well as the overall unwell feeling that lots of people live with. Being healthy is beyond physical health. To be truly healthy and well, your body, mind, emotions, psychology, occupation, social relationships, financial, creativity and environment have to be built to support your health.

This is why lots of people are watching their health deteriorate. The health care delivery system has not be set up to address the wellness of the entire human being.

We have realized that to bridge the gap we must become more active in the way we care for our clients. We must create an environment that is able to actually care for them as individuals, this is why Keek’s was born. Keek’s is a comprehensive health and wellness cooperation.


Keek’s exists to enable individuals transform their health and live life at its optimum. We provide all that is necessary to ensure you create and sustain healthy habits. We seek to create a world where people become conscious and active in their own health and are able to live the healthy life they desire in the body they deserve.

Our Mission

We provide holistic health recovery & wellness service and support for long and short term care.

Our Vision

To become the first choice health Partner of clients with happy and well balanced lives, with presence in major cities of the world.

Our Client

Our clients are people who desire to change their health for the better. We understand that not everyone falls into this category. Our clients seek to attain a balanced health lifestyle to live vibrantly, and to avoid and manage chronic illness. So we have created an environment and system to enable them achieve this.