Is it easier for you to be happy or sad?

March 4, 2018 admin 1 Comments

Some people reserve their happiness for extreme moments in their lives, like winning the lottery, getting married, having kids, getting a promotion or other outstanding moments.

But these moments come once in a while. What do we fill the rest of our days while we are waiting for these incredible moments. For a lot of people their days are filled with anticipation, dissatisfaction, sadness and other negative emotions. Your life is made up of the moments you live each day, and you get to decide how you fill the moments and what you choose to feel.

Stop reserving happiness for the big moments. Reduce your happiness standards. Make it easy for you to be happy. Be happy when you are able to sing in tune with your favourite song, be happy when your make up comes out fantastic, and be happy when the weather is just right. Find happiness in everything. And when you create happiness, allow yourself to soak it in. Feel it to the fullest, let the emotion take over you, allow yourself to smile and to laugh.

Don’t allow your default setting to be sadness.

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