Is it possible to be destined to be fat?

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There are ladies that come to me trying to lose weight. And when I ask them about the challenges they are facing in this area, they’ll mention how they have been fat all their lives and how everyone in their family is fat. Is that how it works? Are there people who are destined to be fat? Are there factors beyond our control that determines whether we would be slim or overweight?

There’s been a lot of research on the role our genes play in our weight. Our genes control things like how we store fat, our leptin secretion that control satiety etc. So could it be that some people are just destined to be fat? Well this is how I choose to see it. If you take a slim woman, and you feed her with junk and she adopts a sedentary lifestyle, sooner or late she will add weight. After all if there is a gene that can make people fat, the absence of that gene should also be able to keep people slim.

 “After all if there is a gene that can make people fat, the absence of that gene       should also be able to keep people slim”


I will not ignore that genetics does control how your body is. Some people are more curvaceous than other, taller, have more defined abs. But when it comes to the fat gene, I know that lifestyle and habit has a greater role to play than genes. Having a genetic predisposition may mean that you would have to work harder to stay fit than someone who doesn’t. It may also mean that you may never be a size 6. But it doesn’t mean that you should be stuck in an unhealthy over weight body. You must do the things that are within your control for you. You have to acknowledge that, and understand that you can still do something to shape your body.

I don’t encourage people to just give up and accept that they have lost control in this crucial part of their lives. So, no, I don’t think you are destined to be fat.

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