Keke`s Institute

VISION: To create a community of medical personnel (Pharmacists, doctors, Nurses etc.) who are changing the way health care is delivered by rendering quality and effective patient care. We want medical professionals to hold themselves to a higher standard and we want to equip them with the tools necessary to make this happen.


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Each course comes with a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certificate on completion.


Patient Counseling

Become a better counselor. Learn how to effectively counsel patients and establish relationship with them to improve compliance and loyalty. This course was designed for medical personnel and support staff.

Patient Wellness Counseling

Discover a holistic approach to patient’s health. Learn how to counsel your patients on dietary changes to improve their health and fitness. Understand how the human body works and how to evaluate your patients to help them get to their goals. This course…

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Marketing is an art and a science. The goal is usually to increase sales and drive revenue up. Without a proper foundation and evolving strategy you may find yourself missing sales targets. Learn how to become a more effective pharmaceutical sales rep,…

Pharmaceutical Management

Pharmacies desire to make an impact in the health of their community, but they are still a business, and they should be managed as one, to ensure success and growth. Learn how to become a better manager, superintendent and owner of a pharmacy outlet with…

Stress Counseling

Stress is a major risk factor for many conditions. Telling patients to manage stress is not enough. Learn to coach your patients on stress management and get the best out of their treatment. Also learn to coach organisations on corporate stress management…

Weight Loss

Weight loss is beyond a trend, it is a necessity for some people’s health. One of the major challenges is finding a solution that works and fits you. With this course you’ll learn how to coach yourself, see and sustain weight loss results, and you can…