My unconventional eating habit – And it`s healthy for me

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Or is it? Honestly, I don’t know. Research keeps going back and forth on that one. Why should breakfast be the most important meal of the day? It gives you your early morning boost, curbs craving etc. These are things that we are told. So, once upon a time I never missed breakfast, in fact I would dream about it the night before. But right now, I am more flexible with it. Sometimes I eat breakfast and sometimes I don’t. I am not strict about it, I am also not strict about lunch and dinner. I just eat when I feel hungry. Eating for me could be a guava, watermelon, rice, garden egg, baked potatoes, and beans. I eat based on what I want, what I need and what is available. So, how does my eating habit make me healthy?

1: I don’t stress about food: I can skip an entire day of eating if I want to. I can eat ten times in one day if I need to. I am in complete control of how and when I choose to eat. Depending on my schedule and cycle I may crave certain things some time, but I am aware of my body that I can interact with myself to find out what I crave and why, and decide whether I want to indulge in it or not.

2: I eat according to my goals. I am not trying to lose weight, I am not trying to gain weight. I want to maintain my weight and be healthy. I know that my weight will not be constant throughout the year, heck, it might not even be constant throughout the month. But I love my body, and I do what is healthy for it. So I eat according to my goal, to maintain optimum health and vitality. I have certain food allergies and I have IBS so I cut out some foods from my diet. I eat according to me.

3: I experiment: I have done intermittent fasting, vegetarian diet etc. I love trying out new things. I don’t like putting myself in a box. I even want to try the raw food diet, I think it’ll be fun. I believe eating and food should be fun and flexible.

4: I am not too strict on myself: My philosophy is that “life should be enjoyed”. And if you don’t make living healthy fun for you, you will give up on it. So I have fun with what I eat. I eat cake on birthdays, I go out with family and friends and eat pizza. Yes, I do all that, but it is occasionally, not frequently. And I don’t beat myself up for it. I plan ahead and I choose to indulge.

5: I make eating healthy easy for me: In my house, healthy food is the default option. We don’t have junk. When you want to snack, your options are watermelon, garden egg, apple, carrot, things like that. You would have to go the extra mile to drive out, or walk very very far to get something unhealthy.

6: I listen to how my body responds to things: There are certain things you eat and you can feel the discomfort almost immediately. There are things you eat and over time you begin to notice that your body is not acting right. And some things make you feel awesome. Listen to your body. Sometimes I eat breakfast and it makes me hungry throughout the day. There was a period that I just chose to not eat until noon. Breakfast kept making me hungrier. Listen to your body.

Eating is something that is a part of your life. It should be fun and healthy.

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