Health And Wellness Coaching & Counselling

Achieve sustained weight control and a balanced healthy lifestyle with our sessions

Medical Counselling

Ensure your medical care is both professional and tailored just for you.

Psychological & Emotional Support

Engage in an active process to protect your mental & emotional health

Nutritional Coaching

Discover ways to turn your meals into exciting fuel for your body and your progress

Group Support & Therapy

Surround yourself with people that will lift you up and help you achieve your goals

Medication Monitoring

Have your medications tracked and supervised by a professional to ensure efficacy and reduced side effects

Medication Dispensing

Obtain your medication from a licensed pharmacy with proper pharmaceutical help.

Corporate Wellness Counselling

Improve productivity and performance of your employees with our corporate wellness counselling sessions

Home Medical Care & Support

Get effective medical care delivered to your door step..

School Medical Care & Support

Ensure your kids are safe in school with our school medical care & support.

Basic Medical Screening/Monitoring

Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, BMI, ECG, Body Composition, Malaria, typhoid. skip the long queues and get screened to assess your health and live healthie

Happy Customers

I really enjoy the suport i get from Keek`s. Being surrounded by people that are warm, friendly and invested in my personal health is amazing...

Chiama Arinze
I get my anti-hypertensive medication from Keek`s. I enjoy the care i receive from them. They are quite attentive, they check my blood pressure for me regularly and assist me in making sure that it is fine...

Chiama Arinze
I was able to lose weight on my weight control program. I discovered that we have been doing weight loss backward for a while. Heading to the gym or following the meal plan is actually not the first step. It`s more than that and I discovered that at keek`s...
Chiama Arinze