Why are women so obsessed about losing weight?

December 26, 2017 admin 1 Comments

A study recently showed that 90% of women will try to lose weight at some point in their life. For some people they spending a lot of time daily thinking about their weight. This usually happens when they are about to eat or when they come in contact with some weight loss post, or a slim person. Let’s face it, seeing this post and reading it, will make you think about your body and your weight.

We are obsessed with weight loss. We know someone who’s trying to lose weight and for some of us we are that someone who is trying to lose weight. For women the weight loss obsession is worse because we live in a society that bombards us with the way they believe that women should appear. To be beautiful is to be slim, it’s to have a nice bubble butt, big boobs, light skin, flat tummy with a cinched in waist. There is a very very small percentage of women who look like that, and very few of them do so because of their genes, the other do because their surgeons helped them out. So basically society sets you up to achieve something that is almost impossible. If you manage to be slim, you may have no ass, so you fail. If you have ass and no boobs, fail again, if you have boobs and a big tummy, you’ve failed again. You see you have to get all the combination right to win. How can you win such a system that is stacked against you? This leaves us with a society filled with miserable and unhinged women who have to spend most of the time in their day thinking about their bodies and feeling unattractive. And just to scare you some more, there are even stories of men leaving their wives and losing attraction for them because they gained some baby weight. And to that I say, there are women who are perfect and their husbands still left them.

The obsession will never end. We are visual now more than ever, our social interactions and social media lives will constantly remind us of what beautiful looks like. But who sets these standards? The movie industry, fashion industry, music industry and you. Yes, you did too. You patronised these images, you drool over them because you were told that this was the standard, and you accepted. Once upon a time having a big butt was a bad thing. In fact women would ask if their “ass looked big in a jean”, because they didn’t want it too.

My advice to you is this. No matter what society and the world say is beautiful, ensure that in your own life and in your own world, you are the ideal definition of beautiful. If you’re short, let your definition include, petite. Your perception and definition matters most.

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